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The statue of liberty is the statue of Libertas, the robbed Roman goddess of liberty. She held the torch on top of her head with her right hand, and the Roman figure on her left hand was entitled "JULY IV MDCCLXXVI" (July 4th,1776), the date of the draft declaration of American independence.

The statue of liberty is called the "international monument to the statue of liberty" and its official name is "the goddess of liberty shining on the world". In 1984, it was listed as a cultural heritage in the world heritage list.

The statue of liberty is placed on a 46 meter high concrete platform, which was built by Joseph Pulitzer, a famous capitalist, and has become a museum of American immigration history.

On the base of the statue constructed by granite, the famous sonnet "the new giant" written by American poetess emmana sarochi is engraved: "let those people who are exhausted and penniless after the long journey because they want to breathe the free air, lean against each other and throw themselves into my arms! I stand at the golden gate, holding up the lamp of freedom."

A radiant crown on her head. The seven pointed awns symbolize the seven continents of the world.

 The goddess holds the torch of freedom in her right hand.


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